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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Surprising Celebrity Violinists

Fame and the paparazzi are an expected part of life for celebrities. The talents of those who live in the limelight extend beyond our imagination. They are accustomed to facing obstacles, rolling with the punches and exploring their creativity. We have seen screen personalities arrive on stage to show their diversity and multiplicity. Most celebrities […]

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A Luthier in the Making

Our chosen profession and hobbies ideally reflect our inner depth and passion for our craft. The world of music holds a diverse grouping of opportunities from a front and center view to a behind the scenes look. Musicians and artists play their instruments of choice. From the strings to their well-pitched voice, music is known […]

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The Early Pioneers of Violin Making

Gasparo da Salo (1542-1609) Born Gasparo Bertolotti in Salo Italy (hence the later used name) Gasparo is one of history’s earliest and best-known luthiers. He turned the crafting of bowed instruments into an artform, producing many violins, violas and even grand double basses, of which he was an expert player, that would go on to […]

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