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Category Archives: Violin

A Violins Importance in The Orchestra

There is nothing more mystifying or magical than the sounds of an orchestra. The melody is in precise harmony and are displayed meticulously throughout the program. There are several instruments and tones for every piece they play. The orchestra gained a persistent structure in the Baroque period. It was during this musical era we saw […]

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The Benefits of Playing the Violin

Classical compositions are intrigued with the senses and artistry. There have been studies to accommodate theories that place the harmonies from musical instruments in a healing connotation. It is suggested that plants thrive in an environment that play classical genres. Babies who hear the sounds before and after their born are markedly calmer and less […]

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The Best Age to Learn the Violin

The old saying, “they are set in their ways” has much more than stubborn behaviors behind it. There is a science to the adage that looks deeper into the topic. This is the same reason musicians often start to learn at a younger age. The Violin is an instrument of precision. An acute application is […]

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The Tales and Truths of The Red Violin

There is some truth to the tales we know as fiction. Whether it is the moral of the story or a weaving of events that makes a resonating impression, the result is usually a mesmerizing account. This is true of the famous Red Mendelssohn. Crafted in 1720 by Stradivari himself, we find the Violin playing […]

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Making of Violin

The Making of a Violin The Violin is a renowned instrument that is instantly recognized. Its long neck and curved hourglass shape are an iconic symbol in any musical era. Violins are not made, they are crafted. Finer materials and finishes paired with intricate detail create the sophisticated style of each Violin. You will find […]

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How to Take Pristine Care of Your Violin

Once you begin to play the Violin, it will undoubtedly become one your most prized possessions. There is a connection and bond that develops between a musician and their instrument. The level of dedication and time coupled with familiarity makes for a lasting companionship. Taking care of your Violin will enhance its valor and lifespan. […]

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Intricacies of the Instrument

The Many Personalities of the Violin In this modern age, we have been touched by cultures from both the past and the present. Historical tidings evolve and adapt to a growing society. Fashion, entertainment and music are among the versatile game changers that meet the millennial age with open arms. While some iconic items extensively […]

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Story of Violin

The Original Heart of the Violin The Violin is one of the most beloved instruments in our history. The sweetheart of strings is as versatile as it is adaptable.  From low to high pitches and a symphony of articulation, the Violin is historical, elegant and a pure perception of music. A following of musical styles […]

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Savvy Violin Facts

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The Violin is a classic instrument that is world renowned with its own charming legacy. As a celebrated member of the string family , the Violin is intricate with fine details and harmonic beauty. When watching movies or favorite shows, you can often find the Violin making an appearance. There is definitely more than meets […]

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