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    The Benefits of Playing the Violin

    It is a reasonable finding to know that playing an instrument reaps the same benefits if not more. Any instrument you enjoy will have a progressive and profound impact on your life. The Violin in particular is a diverse member of the classical genre.

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What is a good age to learn how to play the Violin?

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The Tales and Truths of The Red Violin

The mystery of the Violins histories has been a mark of speculation for centuries.


Intricacies of the Instrument

The Violin is a part of the art that leaves a lasting impression on those who share in its inspiration.


Making of Violin

In the early to mid-1500s, the skill was acquired through an apprenticeship of a master crafter.


How to Take Pristine Care of Your Violin

A Violin Case – The case should be snug and not tight. A Soft Cloth – Use a microfiber or other dust free cloth to wipe the rosin off your strings and Violin body. Polish – Cleaners and water are ill advised to take to your instrument. Clean Hands – Playing or touching your Violin with dirty or sweaty hands can result in an imbalance of the pieces. Proper Temperatures – Your instrument will not thrive if the temperatures are too hot or cold. A Luthier – Making sure we have a Luthier we know and trust can make all the difference in the health of our Violin.

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In this Blog We Look at History, Interesting Facts, Care, Movies & more of Violins! Take a look!