A Violins Importance in The Orchestra

There is nothing more mystifying or magical than the sounds of an orchestra. The melody is in precise harmony and are displayed meticulously throughout the program. There are several instruments and tones for every piece they play. The orchestra gained a persistent structure in the Baroque period. It was during this musical era we saw an increase in compositions that required a variety of pitches from differing vibrations.

The vibrations from each instrument carries through the air offering a different aural experience for the audience. The four groups that come together on the stage to perform are:

  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Percussion
  • Strings

Each group consists of instruments that represent their sound class. Deep echoes have a bass effect while  twinkling chimes provide balance. The stringed instruments are placed in the front of the orchestra and are the largest group to attend. Cellos, Violas, Basses and Violins complement the symphonic sounds with their strength and versatility.

The Violin plays a vital role in the orchestra. They are separated into two distinct sections and traditionally have ten Violins in each. In fact, they outnumber every instrument in the four groups. Some may feel it is due to the size of a Violin, however that is a definite misconception.  Violins are smaller than their stringed cousins and are able to transition from high to low tones swiftly. For this reason, they are divided into a high and a low section.

The Leading Violin

Brass and Percussions are compelling and moving. They invoke feeling while they are played and can also be quite forceful in sound penetration. It is common for the players to wear earplugs to protect their hearing while performing. In effort to avoid an overpowered effect, there is a designed balance among the sections. Violins have a strong voice with a soulful eloquence. This is why in the eighteenth century, they led the orchestra with their presence of song. With a bow and skill, the Violinist can hold a number of pitches that seem to elegantly soar bringing the exact balance needed.

Many Composers such as Bell and Benedetti are also Violinists. There is a majority in musical compositions that feature the Violin. This puts the stringed instrument at the lead of many sets. Through the centuries, we have seen the violin take part in momentous historical events. It has long been a favorite of Kings and has been a muse to some of the greatest innovators of our time. Artists and composers alike have found the Violin to be a timeless instrument.

The Violin Bows

The Orchestra is a collage of an array of influential instruments. The vibrations of each group mingles together to create iconic sounds and melodies. The Violin plays a brilliant part of the evening alongside the instrumental ensemble . Whether you are a current holder of season tickets or newly becoming interested, you will find the Orchestra to be a true experience of the heart.