Surprising Celebrity Violinists

Fame and the paparazzi are an expected part of life for celebrities. The talents of those who live in the limelight extend beyond our imagination. They are accustomed to facing obstacles, rolling with the punches and exploring their creativity. We have seen screen personalities arrive on stage to show their diversity and multiplicity. Most celebrities are classified by the genres they are associated with. Comedic values, dramatic specialties and daring pursuits are the general concepts.

It is not often we see two extremes come together. We live under the assumption they may have some interests in painting or playing the guitar which does not seem to veer too far from the path. When it comes to instruments, classical music holds a parallel stance. The refined elegance and performance are not typically considered when you picture a high speed car chase or hear laughter from the audience.

Fame and The Violin

It may come as a surprise to know a few of our iconic legends in the industry have placed their skill sets in another direction. The Violin is notably one of the more difficult instruments to master. A few of our favorite celebrities have collaborated their whimsical side and charmingly paired it with music.

Charlie Chaplin

On the forefront of fandom is none other than the lovable Charlie Chaplin. Along with his spin on his heels performances, he was brilliant with many interests. He became a producer and director with a vision for the future. His talents continued into music as a self-taught musician. His silent films gave no indication to his expertise with the piano, cello and Violin.

Ana Gasteyer

Funny lady Ana appeared on Saturday night Live for several years. She has met the stage and the screen with absolute flair. A little known fact is Ms. Gasteyer also has an ear for the classical Violin. She began playing at five years old and picked up the instrument rather quickly. Her ability to bring a smile to the world is coupled with awe for her diverse capabilities.

Larry Fine

As a part of a comedic trio, Larry fine became a household name. Their shenanigans on television often got them into a situation that took a little pop and whistle to get them out of it. In quite a few episodes, he was seen playing the Violin. Quite often, actors will play the instrument to prerecorded music. Larry actually learned the violin at a very early age and continued practicing through his life. His life on The Three Stooges showed his knack for comedy, however his musical interests set the stage.

These Celebrities encourage others with their zest to embrace their dreams. Personalities are filled with an array of interests and talents. Exploring these many layers expresses an opportunity to reach further within. Striving for success will bring us down the path where we find our inspiration in all we do. Surely, the list is not complete, as there are plenty of others who are also the lovers of music, but hopefully this selection will underline the multitalented people we might otherwise miss.