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Taking Steps to Play the Violin Professionally

Landing your dream job takes preparation and the right qualifications. A qualifying degree is earned within a few years and can exceed a decades worth of studying. Considering a career in music takes dedication and perseverance. If your dream is to become a professional Violinist, the first thing you must do is make a commitment. The Violin is the pearl of the Orchestra. It is set to take center stage while accompanied by a mesmerizing melody. If you find your path taking a harmonic journey, playing the Violin Professionally is more than a choice… it is a lifestyle.

Steps of a Violinist

After making a commitment to becoming a Violinist, the next step is to practice. Statistically speaking, there are hundreds of musicians who will audition for a few scarce spots that open through the year. Practicing your technique will ultimately perfect your playing style. Often times, a novice Violin player will plan on learning to play and taking their talents to the stage within a few years. It is commendable to be ambitious however it is important to set realistic goals you can achieve. Most professionals who gain a spot have studied the art of music and the Violin for several years. To assist in their education, many musicians hope to attend a post-secondary institution that focuses on the appreciation of Classical music. Conservatories encourage their students to immerse themselves into their chosen works.

Advice for Aspiring Violinists

After you transition from beginner and intermediate to advanced, it is wise to continue the momentum. Before you are ready to join the symphony, you will want to have the right perspective and insights. Preparing for your debut will take thousands of hours and several years. When speaking with professional Violinists, they will share the secrets of their success. A few pieces of experted advice that will help you include:

  • Following a strict schedule will keep you on the right track. The hours and time involved will make it necessary to concentrate on your instrument.
  • Building a bond with your Violin will instill the emotional connection needed to play from the heart. Your love for music will be enhanced when you have a full appreciation of your piece.
  • Find a Muse that will intensify your feelings about the notes you will be playing. As your creative energy flows, the strings will respond accordingly.
  • Do not solely play for a seat. It will negatively impact your style creating an unintentionally rigid presentation.
  • Take the utmost care of your Violin for a pristine presence each time you play. This will ensure your instrument stays in top condition.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, it is not necessarily your Violin playing resume that will move you to the front of the line. As your music inspires the room with soulful depth and expression, you will feel your dreams play through the strings of your Violin.

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