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The Benefits of Playing the Violin

Classical compositions are intrigued with the senses and artistry. There have been studies to accommodate theories that place the harmonies from musical instruments in a healing connotation. It is suggested that plants thrive in an environment that play classical genres. Babies who hear the sounds before and after their born are markedly calmer and less anxious. It is a reasonable finding to know that playing an instrument reaps the same benefits if not more. Any instrument you enjoy will have a progressive and profound impact on your life. The Violin in particular is a diverse member of the classical genre.

Three Beneficial Ways

Violins are multifaceted to play. There is a bond between the cognitive areas of the mind and the physical parts of the body. Both have to work in unison to accomplish the piece that is being played. This opens up the doors so to speak, letting the melody interact with our inner balances. Playing the Violin can have a positive effect on us in three ways, mentally, emotionally and physically. The Violin and its components provide a keen sense of our cerebral development. Our thoughts and processes become quicker and more directed in the following areas:

  • Speech Functions
  • Learning Processes
  • Memory
  • Attention Span
  • Enhanced Senses

Violins have always been noted for being an intellectual instrument. It requires use of the mind keeping it sharp and developed. Multi-tasking is a necessitated aspect of playing. You are utilizing the mind , sight, auditory senses and movement the entire time you are playing. This conjunction leads to quite the exercise for your body and the brain. Holding a specified posture with your arms half way extended is not an easy task. To do this while holding a Violin in the same position and maneuvering finger work is true talent. The correct posturing and strength helps your physical stature in the long run. Stretching and positioning practices assist in perfecting the art to avoid any strains.

Our emotional wellbeing is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Violins are a gracious instrument that has an elegant air that seems to offer a soothing sentiment. Over a period of time, playing the Violin has been known to:

  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Calm Depression
  • Provide Emotional Release
  • Develop Self-Expression
  • Assist Self Esteem

In addition to building our confidence, it also helps us expand socially. Other musical talents enjoy the company of one another as they share similar interests. This is uplifting and healthy for children, teens and adults. Playing the Violin for any amount of time will support our goals in all areas of our life. Classical music, instruments and the fascinating Violin are all positive influences on your psyche and self. You can play in an orchestra or on your living room stage and still feel the enriched benefits the violin has to offer.

Overall, violin – or any instrument, really – can help you focus, learn patience, as well as provide plenty of creativity and inspiration. Granted, not everyone will be the next grand master of the craft, but at the very least the gained skill shall give you confidence and undeniable benefits.

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