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The Signature Occasion of The Violin

It is hard not to get drawn into the song of the Violin strings. The stoic yet soft stream of notes creates an ambiance unlike any other instrument. The sound of a violin offers a detailed story without uttering a single word. The heightened pitches and slowly drawn melody paints the picture of romance, drama and suspense. It is for this reason the Violin is depicted in momentous Occasions through history.

The Violin has become a signature of a romantic evening. Fine wine and white linens often feature a Violinist playing off to the side of the room. They stroll through the room serenading the crowd while contributing an air of refinement. The Violin holds the essence to set the date with a special finesse. Preludes and au revoirs have long been graced with the echoes of the Violin. The instrument has the charm to captivate its audience. From movies to live theater, we have been inspired by the enriching history the violin presents. As special occasions arise, you may be thinking of a few ways to mark the significance of the event.


A Wedding will often have music playing while guests arrive. Using Violins to orchestrate a warm welcome can continue on through the Bridal march. During the ceremony, soft music can provide a backdrop to the moment. If you choose not to have music throughout, they can remain on standby until you make your debut as Husband and Wife. Brides and Grooms can decide on the number of musicians they prefer. From soloists to accompanied instruments, your Wedding will be a dream come true.


Surprising your intended with a romantic evening sets the stage for a proposal. A solo Violinist is meaningful as the magic of a single Rose. The surroundings and scapes will meet the music for an extraordinary memory of the evening. Candles, wine and a touch of music are the perfect trio. If your plan involves a grand gesture or a night of nostalgic sincerity, incorporating the wonderful musings of a Violin will surely make a lasting impression.

Dinner Party

Glamming up a dinner party can bring out your finest crystal and elaborate centerpieces. Hosting a soiree of sorts requires a great attention to detail. A formal dinner or gala style arrangement can represent a cause or a celebration of any variety. Whether it is cocktails only or a coursed meal, music is a lovely pairing for the night.  Aside from the clinking of glasses, introducing the sweeping notes of a Violin displays a balance of atmosphere and elegance.


Music can help ring in a celebration or festivity. Anniversaries and Birthdays can all be dressed up for the day with the stylish strings of a violin. Classical music has a sound selection of instruments that will take center stage of your festive occasion. Among the decorations and background scenes of your event, you will find Violin music puts the final touch on your plans. A grouping of music or solo event will transition your gathering into a brilliant fete.

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