What Makes a Great Violinist

Many people assume that you must have major skill to be a great violinist. However, that’s not exactly true. Skill plays a major part in how well you play the violin, but skill can be taught. There are many classes that teach how to play the violin correctly. Violinists’ skill levels vary, and that’s why classes are needed. No matter if it’s a hobby or work, certain skills can be learned and developed by anyone. I know, first-hand that you don’t have to be the most skilled to be great at something. I never claimed to be the most skillful poker player, but ever since I started playing at pokerstarscasino, I have developed some great qualities and learned tricks that only the best poker players know. It may take some hard work, but skill can be learned by anyone. When it comes to being the best violinist, skill aside, there are many other characteristics that go into it. Here’s what makes a great violinist.

Violin and notes
Violin and notes


Violinists are passionate. If you’re an aspiring violinist, you should be passionate about music and learning the violin. Violinists are usually passionate about their violin more than anything else in the world. Being so obsessed with music and their craft is what makes for a great violinist. A violinist’s passion is what fuels them and makes them want to learn more, play more, and just be the best that they can be.

Ability to learn

It’s important for violinists and aspiring violinists to be able to learn efficiently. They need a great ability to absorb music and retain that memory for later use. It’s important for violinists to be able to learn a great deal all at once. They need to be able to effectively problem-solve and learn from mistakes.


Violinists need a natural sense of pacing and knowing how a tempo relates to the structure of the piece they’re playing. Violinists need rhythm in order to play effectively and they need to stay in tune in order to play correctly. To improve rhythm, you can practice with and without your violin. There are many rhythm exercises to improve rhythm that can be found online.


Violinists need to be confident in their abilities. It’s important for violinists, especially aspiring violinists to be as confident as possible. When just starting out, it may be frightening for violinists to play in front of others, but when they’re confident in their abilities, they can get through it. It’s confidence that will take you from an okay violinist to a great one. Knowing that you have what it takes to become the best player you can be really goes a long way.


Violinists need to have a great deal of patience for themselves and when it comes to practicing and performing, since performances can be long and drawn out. They also need patience with themselves because learning music, how to read it, and how to play it correctly can really be challenging. Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to playing any instrument. Learning and mastering the violin takes years of commitment and aspiring violinists should understand that it’s not going to happen over night. While it may only take a few years to master playing the violin, it takes years, mental maturity, and a lifetime of experience for those to truly appreciate and fully understand music.


When it comes to learning the violin, violinists understand that in order to be great, they need to practice persistence. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how frustrated they become, it’s important to keep pushing through to learn more and become the best violinist possible. Without persistence, your ability to grow and get better will be hindered. You will never reach any success with playing the violin if you don’t remain persistent, eager, and ready to be the best you can be.

Violinists performing side by side
Violinists performing side by side

Good work ethic

Everyone’s work ethic varies and everyone learns at different skill levels, but it is important that all violinists work regularly to get better everyday. It is important to follow directions, listen to your instructor, and take initiative to practice on your own time. You should have such a good work ethic that you don’t have to be told when and how to do things. You should always do what you need to do in order to perfect your playing.

Ability to stay grounded

It’s very important for violinists to control their emotions and always stay grounded. No matter what comes their way, they’re able to bounce back and learn from their mistakes. They don’t let frustration and other emotions take over and deter them from learning the violin. The best violinists are able to accept criticism and learn from it to go as far as possible.